Camera Phone

Unfortunately this is a real situation. I’ve witnessed many times before by different people. Not just into my window, others too. Sometimes strangers sometimes not!

Please be careful don’t leave yourself open to sneaks and creeps thinking they are allowed to violate your home!

There are cameras everywhere now! We all spend time on our phones taking selfies and making memories with friends and family. The creative’s among us filming the wonders of our world, modern culture as well as traditional! Filming and taking photos of people who want to be catalogued on social media, wanting to make a name for themselves is all good and well.

But don’t think I can’t see you, phone up walking passed my window. Whilst you’re camera peers through the rows of houses yet you look forward and walk your dog, I have watched you hold your camera facing us! Obviously filming without our permission! You violate us with this out of bounds action. Thinking that you’re stealthy with no body watching?

I glimpsed out of my window to be faced with the backside of your phone unapologetically and blatantly stalking. What were you trying to find and what would you do with the footage? Will you be an other creep projecting images of people in vulnerable situations? Or will you notice the pure disgust on my face staring back at your camera as you snakely filmed my home?

So you better believe I am on to you, my blinds stay closed now but I can still see when you purposely walk by my window. Maybe I should film you filming us? Let the world know there is a dangerous person in our mists? Don’t you dare think you are allowed to film into my home. I do not give you permission and if I catch you again. I will be the one filming you!

Party (Ch12)

This is a fictional story. Chapter 12 of ‘Death of a Teddy’

It was the big night, and the flat was a buzz. I was excited. We would get them at last.

I anxiously waited for Jack to arrive, whilst downstairs the party rocking into the night.

20’s and 30’s of people squeezed into a 2 bedroom flat, music up high with the children upstairs, fancy that.

The neighbours to scared to complain about noise. Especially after last time when they sent round then boys.

I’d seen a few fights by then, but I remember the gore. The neighbours complained so the boys gave what for.

The fight went on for the best part of an hour. Many ended up in hospital and the neighbours no longer had power.

I was getting impatient, so I walked down the stairs. I walked into the lounge to be greeted with stares.

The music booming the walls dancing, mountains of alcohol decorated the room. Many the party goer openly romancing; not knowing that they would soon meet their doom.

“Lace what you are doing down here?” Mother asked slurring. Clearly off her face I see her eyes whirling. “I’m waiting for Jackson do you know when they’re coming?” Referring to Jackson and his big brother Stirling.

Then I heard a knock at the door and low and behold it was Jackson at last. I whispered to him. “Have you got it?” He nodded yes. “We need to get to this fast!”

See by this time it was 10 at night and the adults had been going all day. Couldn’t have them falling asleep without the evidence to make that pay.

Mirrors with lines of cocaine and rolled up fivers being passed to each other, tablets with logos and pictures galore. People sticking needles into each other, some of them fitting all over the floor.

Foam from their mouths and blood from their noses, while the others got high they were ignored. We had the perfect footage and now we had these monsters for sure!

I make sure before I go I gift them my pressie. Don’t think I’d like to be them or their rumbly bellies.

Slowly and quietly trying not to be noticed we crept back upstairs and into my room. We just needed to narrate on the film what was happening, and victory would be ours soon.

We heard criminal conversations and filmed them in a despicable state. Knowing those jerks were being put to justice made Jackson and I feel great!

Chloe woke up from the noise and I passed her Billy so she’d fall back to sleep. “I can’t wait to show this to Brad!” Jackson exclaimed excitedly!

I smiled at him and began to yawn. “Aww what’s up sleepy head?” “Exactly that I am tired and sleepy, and I think its high time we went to bed?!”

Fast asleep and the evidence locked tightly away. Smiles while we snooze, its been a productive day.

The relief spread throughout our souls. We’d beaten them we’d reached our goals.

The “pitta patter” of stress melting away, dancing in our reverie with the screams of hooray!

The patter getting louder like a stampede. Having our own party in our dreams.

Then we weren’t dreaming and were suddenly awake? The stampede was headed up the stairs we had made a mistake.

An army of vulgar, treacherous fiends banging on the door. Jack and I grab Chloe and hide upon the floor.

Under the bunkbed and noticed no Billy. Then Trevor bursts in. “Come on now don’t be silly!”

He notices Billy on the top bunk. “Well I’ve got ya bear you little punk!”

“NO!” I screamed from under the bed and their filthy hands went for our arms and legs.

They dug us out from under the bed but put Chloe back on top. “Now you two are coming down stairs with us to explain the lot!”

They carried us to the pit downstairs, greeted with ropes and chairs. They tied us up and Billy too. “LOOK AT WHAT YOU’RE MAKING US DO!”


“IT WASN’T HIM!” They filmed me screaming. “WE CAN FILM YOU AND ALL YOUR SCHEMEING!”

“Now.” Trevor’s voice began to calm, “We’re going to ask you questions.” Then they grabbed on both our arms.

“Every time one of you lies the other one will be punished.” They all sparked up cigarettes “And your arms get BLEMISHED!”

Tears cascaded down our faces like gushing waterfalls. Jack took my hand and squeezed it what were we going to do?

They started asking questions and we were honest as can be. They began to burn our arms, but Jack never let go of me.

Question after question they had less and less space, so they moved from our arms to our legs and our face.

Filming the whole time and grinning like demons, getting off on all our pain and screaming.


But they saw through the lies and burnt us over an over. The pain searing though our bodies like a supernova.

Jack’s arm began to feel lifeless and limp. “NO PLEASE STOP IT, WE’RE LOSING HIM!”

Suddenly everything stopped, except the cries and screams. Jack was passed out and they weren’t coming from me?

There she stood with Billy clutched tight. Chloe was young but weren’t about to forget this night.

She watched as the demons hurt the people for whom she cared. She was convulsing with terror poor Chloe was ever so scared.

“NO MUMMY NO LEAVE LACEY ALONE! I WANT MY DADDY!” Chloe ran for the phone.

But before she could get there the door swung ajar. Bundles of men outside wide and far.

They commenced charging in and 1 man grabbed my sister. Then they all forced their through and caused mass hysteria.


Nothing like a woman scorned!!!

An all emcumbering sadness, searing through my chest. Nausea creeps into my gut, rendering me a mess.

The emotion shoots right through me forceful and suddenly. Leaving me in full confusion, for seconds before I was happy?

The sizzle begins to spread throughout my broken shell. Dragging me far and deep down into my hell. My flesh burning so it begins to melt, my soul he wants, so to him I must sell.

I must present my darkest guilt to show the beast my truth. He will project the image to me and punish me uncouth.

I can no longer face the piercing hurt and guilt. Although it’s you that started it, it was my spirit spilt.

With all that you did my sanity washed away, and whilst you hurt me always I wanted you to stay.

You inflicted horrific deeds, put on your twisted show, and still there was no way I would let you go.

For years I let you destroy me, break me into pieces. Fill me with hate and many more diseases.

But today out of the blue your monster crept inside me. Now I will turn the tables to set myself free.

You will taste your bitter medicine, full of violence and deceit. I will ram it down your throat and bring you to your knees.

You will feel every inch of madness you undone to me. Crushing every part of you, I’ll feed you to my beast.

You were once on top, the boss, the king, the leader. When I’m done with you you’ll wish that you’d been sweeter.

Have fun down there my former love for now your trapped forever. In constant pain and tyranny. No release for you NOT EVER!!!

Hospital (Ch11)

This is a fictional story. Chapter 11 of ‘Death of a Teddy’

Chloe squeezed me tight. Wishing and praying that her big sister would wake up. We sat by her side willing her better, sending positive vibes and all of our love.

Droplets of water fell on my fur. I look up and noticed her crying. Mum’s talking to the doctors, asking what happened and of course she’s standing there lying.

Explaining how Lacey was walking upstairs to bed and she lost her footing. Pretending she’s a caring mum and asked her to watch where she was looking. But alas poor Lacey was being silly on the top step. She saw her falling and it made it lose her breath.

Wow what an actress. I mean she is good, she could win an award. Actually made even me believe her for a second, but we all know why Lace is in this ward.

I wish they could hear me so that I could just tell them, this woman is a monster she needs locking up! Then suddenly Chloe shouted “Mummy BANG Lacey.” And she said quite loud and really abrupt.

“Sorry little one, what did you say?” The doctors and nurses began closing in. “Mummy BANG Lacey on the stairs yesterday.” I couldn’t believe it I had such a grin!

“Mrs Doors. Is what she saying in fact correct?” “No of course not Chloe was sleeping when Lace fell down the steps.”

“She must of had a nightmare when she realised that Lacey fell. These two do have quite the imaginations, they are very clever girls.”

Again she was lying well enough to be part of MI5. I was actually pretty scared for all our lives.

If she could lie this well then we didn’t have a chance! Would yesterday be the last time we would ever dance?

She carried on with the most laughable explanation one really did hear. Saying how Lace usually loved school and then with a little tear, went on to tell them the little trouble was going on at school? Saying she believed it was a place terrible and cruel.

Well actually that was the case for poor Lacey, but mother never listened. She went in for the kill mentioning bullies and as the water from her eyes glistened.

“Lacey’s had a real tough time.” Mother went on and on. The funny thing was she was the main reason everything is wrong!

She didn’t care about those kids just the men she befriended when dad was away. The multiple uncles that we had to be nice to and share breakfast with the next day.

I would feel sorry for their father, but he was just as bad. She wasn’t fit to be their mum and wasn’t fit to be dad.

He left us all so he could chase the booze and the drugs. Rather be with a bunch of hooligans, the football thugs.

How can you love anything more than your precious children? You think someone would intervene and these creeps would lose them.

We could go to a family that loves us. One’s that wake us up with toast and jam and tea. Smell of bacon being cooked on the weekend. Not the smell of booze and wee.

The parents would love each other and never ever argue. The kind of love that lasts forever and there’s enough for you.

That was never going to happen we’re stuck in this hell forever. Hang on I recognise that voice, oh shit its uncle Trevor.

“Hello babes is Lace doing any better?” Acting in front of the hosptial staff thinking that they’re clever.

“Did you know Bradley was here? Apparently he fell quite bad at Hamsted Heath the other day?” Fell you bloody Liar. He was beaten by his dad. I wish Lacey was awake so she could say.

I want to shake her, wake her up so we can right these lies. What the hell we going to do if one of these kids die?

I looked over at poor Bradley he was only three beds down. He would of looked peaceful laying there in the hospital gown, except he had ferocious wounds scattered about his body. He looked so lifeless and his breathing was really dodgy.

Sat there beside him was wise old little Jack. I bet he felt as useless about Bradley’s attack.

His brother made them walk away knowing what was in store. I wonder if he went kicking and screaming dragged along the floor?

He turned his head and noticed me and began to walk on over. Tears filled his eyes as he got closer.

“Did they do this to each other? What happened the other day?” Then along come Jackson’s Brother acting all coy giving us a simple, “Hey!”

“What happened to Lacey poor girl is black and blue!?” Mother went on with her lies as if Jack’s brother never knew.

All of these fiends were evil incarnate and Jack had that look upon his face. He walked over and whispered in her ear. “Don’t worry we will get them Lace!”

He looked up and gave me a smile and a nod. Then walked back over to Bradley and sat there on his tod.

Got out an A3 sheet of paper and a load of pens. Title of the paper. ‘How to make a mends.’

Jackson started making marks upon the paper. You could see he hated all the adult traitors.

Rapidly jotting down what he could over hear. What he was doing wasn’t exactly clear?

Day by day the children slept but Jackson would pop in. Listening to what THEY had to say, really had him in a spin.

What master piece was he working on I really wanted in! Yet they sweetly slept, so quietly you could hear a pin.

Four days passed and at last I noticed some movement. If Lace and Bradley would wake up it would be a massive improvement.

The plan could be listened to and perfected. We could work out a way that we would finally be protected.

“Billy?” Yes, she’s waking up. “Morning little Lace!” Oh, how it was good to see her face alert and awake.

“What’s going on?” “You had an accident down the stairs.” “That was because of MUM!” “Yes, but I think Jackson can help us there?”

I pointed over to Jackson sitting by Brad’s bed. Listening to everything the stupid adults said.

I think he has a plan or is cooking one up?” Maybe he will have the remedy to help us get unstuck.

Lacey waved her hand at Jack, and he smiled back. Gathered up his things and stuffed them into a sack.

Walked on over and squeezed Lacey, “I’m glad that you’re ok! Now listen up we got a lot to get through today.”

Our ears pricked up with pure intrigue and so Jack began. He explained that they would all get together soon and from that his hatched a plan.

All Lace had to do was get the others to have a sleep over the same night. Apparently, her mum was hosting some sort of boxing fight?

From that we knew booze and drugs would surely be close by and Jack would bring along his shiny new devise.

“I know it’s really dangerous but if we catch them in the act we can bring them down Lace.” Hearing those words put a huge grin upon her face.

“I’m in!” she agreed with a glint in her eye. Like she was planning her own kind of surprise?

I asked her “Hey what you up to?” She smiled a toothy grin. “I think I got something that I can put in to the gin?

Nothing that would or could kill, just something that will make them ill.

They really did deserve it, that ghastly adult crew. They plot together well these VERY clever two.

Just need Brad to wake so we can fill him in. Bradley slept for 4 more days before we could begin.

Lace was almost healed and ready to be discharged. We let Bradley in on all the plan, we had at large.

“I love it but that’s on in a couple nights. I will still be in hospital the day of the big fight.”

“Its ok Brad, you’ve been through far too much.” Lacey took his hand and whispered, “Leave this one to us.”

He smiled at her and shook his head with an all familiar nod. It was time to get rid of these bloody nasty sods!

Dream (Ch10)

This is a fictional story. Chapter 10 of ‘Death of a Teddy’

I held Billy close to my chest. Hugging him in the morning was the absolute best.

But I hadn’t slept much that night. I tossed about, with my dreams I did fight.

Screams haunting me until it was light. I had a knot in my tummy, I didn’t feel right.

I looked over for Chloe to notice she’d gone. Mum never got her up in the morning, something was wrong!

I instantly got up and jumped out of bed. My mind was all fuzzy there was a fog in my head.

Where was my sister? My heart started pounding. The confusion inside of my body astounding.

I look into mum’s room, but nobodies there. Where could they be? I began to despair.

I ran down the stairs to check the lounge. There was no smoke in the air, there was no one around.

I started to panic and felt very sick. Had she took her and left me? That’s taking the mick!

My eyes start to stream with the notion of being left alone. Then I notice some writing next to the house phone.

My mum had gone for the day, she left me a note. There was food in the fridge and some cans on the stove.

She needed to get away from me and took Chloe with her. She’d gone for the day she’d gone to her sisters.

She’d be back in the evening but said don’t stay up. It’s just me and Billy. I was in luck!

We baked and juiced and we watched cartoons. We put on some music and danced round the rooms.

It was the first time we felt free in a while. It was a long time since we’d wore a smile.

However I worried for poor little Chloe. Being stuck all day with our mummy.

I hoped she was having a good time. Being stuck with the she devil I’d go out of my mind.

After the dancing I felt super tired. I laid on the sofa and closed my eyes. Billy and I fell into a slumber and our nightmares began to creep inside.

All of a sudden I could see Bradley. He was being pulled away from me and dragged on the floor. His body looked all bloody and broken, ghastly beaten and completely sore.

I kept running after poor Bradley, screaming “I’m so sorry. I promise I’ll help. The more that I ran the further away he got and the more useless I felt!

I couldn’t help him, I just saw his wounds worsen. I wanted it to stop so badly, I did! I just couldn’t get to him, it’s like the closer I got he went and he hid?

“Bradley, please stop. I want to help you. I promise you can trust little old me. I promise that we will protect you. Honestly, you can even ask Billy!

If we stick together we can beat them we just need a plan. We will teach the adults a lesson. Please? I know we can!”

I followed the noise of Bradley’s screams through the murky woods.
His blood decorated the path before me, mapped the way as though it should?

Then the noise stopped as I got closer to a heavy breathing. There he was, beaten to an inch of his life and I was severely seething.

How could a man that calls himself dad do this to his son? How could a person in the world think this should be done?

This punishment was far too severe, the cogs in my head were turning. We had to get these heathens back, for their blood I was yearning.

“BANG” the door swung open and bashed against the wall. Waking us both. It was mum and she didn’t look happy at all!

Before I could ask what’s the matter? I was greeted with the stench of beer. So she’d been drinking all day? Hang on had she driven back here?

“Mum, you’re drunk. Did you drive back here with Chloe in the car?” “I am the adult, don’t question me young lady!” “No bloody way mum you’ve gone too far!

Give me Chloe it’s late. I’ll put her to bed.” “Piss off Lacey I’ll do it instead!”

I didn’t trust her to get up the stairs in one piece. It was miraculous she even got home. How could she put young Chloe in danger. She wasn’t fit enough to be a mum.

She staggered up stairs and I followed behind her hoping they didn’t fall. She was slipping and sliding, near dropping Chloe and having to grab on the wall.

At last she got to the top and both of them were unscathed. “Once Chloe goes down, you’re getting a lesson on how to behave!”

A lesson? She’s kidding? Was I suppose to follow her example? Getting pissed and driving with kids. Did she think I was a fool?

I knew this was about to get heated so I began down the stairs. That’s not what mum had in mind and grabbed me by my hair.

“Come here you bitch!” She spat in my ear, pulling me down to the floor. “Please mum get off my hair!” I pleased as she bashed my head off of the door.

“Its high time you learnt how to be good.” She daggered her eyes in mine. “Maybe this will knock some sense in you and then you will be fine?”

She wouldn’t stop she kept on going smashing my head off the bedroom door. I could feel myself going, when I spotted Billy laying upon the floor.

I struggled to grab him but was finding it truly hard. I needed him to help me. I needed him to be my guard.

I pushed again and got him and used him as a weapon. I threw him at her head 3 times. As she could learn a lesson!

Then she grabbed him and held him over my mouth. I couldn’t breathe, I thought I was gone. ” Get off me!” I wanted to shout!

Ahhh, the stairs if I get her right I could push her down them. Thinks she’s got the better of me, Thinks she can condemn?

I pull on her leg and she falls head first, very close to the stairs. But she clocked on to my idea and threw me so I went down instead!

Ice Cold (Ch9)

This is a fictional story. Chapter 9 of ‘Death of a Teddy’

We struggled back to base as the sun went down. We felt lost on the way and were greeted with sinister frowns.

The men looked out of their minds. Out of their minds with worry and wine.

Jackson was greeted by a relieved big brother. Then Trevor and Brad’s dad looked at each other.

Jacks little sister ran for big hugs. Bradley and Lacey didn’t have such luck.

Jack’s brother looked over at the two men, “OK were going home.” “Could you take Nasim WITH YOU? Manners are about to be shown!”

“PLEASE, NO DADDY I DIDN’T MEAN IT!” Bradley meant that as he really did scream it.

Why was he so scared? Surely, we’d get a grilling then sent hungry to bed?

We watched as 2 men and 4 kids walked away. Trevor poured ice in the pool as Brad prayed.

“Trevor, what is the ice for?” Asked a puzzled Lacey. “Once we’re finished Lace you’ll see.”

Bradley’s face began to fill with tears, our bodies were full of dread and fear.

What were they doing and did Bradley know? Why would they need ice when it freakishly snowed?

The children just stood there paralysed and broken, a beast inside these men had a woken.

“Right get in your swimwear you need to be punished. Jump in the pool and have a good rummage.”




They were made to go in a minute per year of their life. Lacey was 8 and Bradley was 10. Did they deserve all this trouble and strife? Trev picked me up and threw me in.

8 minutes went by and the men picked Lacey up. Poor Bradley was screaming, he looked really rough!

After 9 minutes he fell to his knees. “I’M NOT DONE WITH YOU YET!” “NO DADDY PLEASE!”

“Come on Lace time to go.” “Please Trevor I don’t want to leave Bradley alone.”

“You should of thought of that before you went off fighting, what’s the point of acting all worried and frightened?”

“PLEASE TREVOR NO WE’RE SORRY WE ARE!” “Too late Lace, now get in the car!”

Trevor grabbed her arm and dragged her away. We weren’t sure what we’d see if we had stayed.

As we were being pulled further and further, we could hear Bradley scream bloody murder.

Each scream seemed to be met with a whack, and Lacey regretted finding that shack.

Bradley’s screams suddenly faded, we had just hoped that we’d be badly dissuaded.

But we left knowing he was battered and bruised, what was happening to him we had a few clues?

None of them happy or very pleasant, Lacey felt utterly disturbed at the present.

She sat in silence all the way home, wanting her bed and to be left alone.

She knew tonight that she’d not be dreaming but having vivid nightmares of Bradley screaming.

Asking for help, holding out his hands, and hearing his dad shouting demands.

Feeling useless as we were no help. It was the worst poor Lacey had felt!

The guilt hounded her, and it killed her not knowing, tomorrow at school if Brad would be showing?

Or if he’d be at home broken and crying, just because of the scheming and lying.

“Lacey don’t sulk you deserved to be punished! Bradley’s a boy so he got a bit more. Now I have to explain to your mum how bad you’ve been once we walk through the door.”
Lacey just sat there and nodded in silence she could not speak her heart was too sore.

Eventually we got back to the flat shivering and upset, Lace didn’t look at anyone and ran straight upstairs.

She threw on her Pjs, pink with blue stars, then got in the blanket and wrapped it round us.

Lace felt a plethora of emotions today and neither of us knew if she’d be ok?

All the things she heard, saw and felt, she hoped like snow it would disappear and melt.

Too nervous to close her eyes and go to sleep. Knowing her nightmares were about to creep.

Little Lacey stayed awake all night long, thinking about how the parents got it so wrong!

How they messed with our lives and made it a misery. How they came in like beasts unrefined and grizzly.

Just to ruin our lives because they think that they could. Why didn’t they love us the way that they should?

Why were we born to these misfits and demons? All of them emotionless without any feelings.

It’s us kids that suffer while they play to their tune. But Lace had enough. She would stop this all soon!

Wreck (Ch8)

This is a fictional story. Chapter 8 of ‘Death of a Teddy’

Humiliated Lacey ran as far as she could. The grass became trees and the tress became woods.

Through the woods she hurriedly sped. Changing her name in her head.

Hot tears become frozen to her cheeks and her body became fragile and weak.

Starting to slow and losing her breath, in front of her stood a crumbling wreck.

Wanting some shelter to hide away, inside the wreck we both stayed.

She held on to me rocking to and fro. The weather so cold that it started to snow.

Little Lacey sat there without her coat. Tears coming down causing icicles on her throat.

I wished I was big, so I could wrap her up in fur. She started to freeze she was a goner for sure.

Feeling her tremble from the cold and the fear, wishing that someone that loved her was near.

She was hurt, and I love her so much, I couldn’t help I was useless. She began to tire and dropped off into slumber. I scanned the wreck to find her some cover.

Her temperature falling the colder she got, she couldn’t do this I love her a lot!

Suddenly in came Jack holding her coat. He wrapped it around her, feet to throat.

Wrapped his arms around us to get us warm. Rocked us until our bodies were calm.

The weather outside decided to brighten. Her skin began to defrost, my gosh I was worried and frightened.

She opened her eyes and smiled at Jack. It was nice to know someone else had her back.

It felt like hours of getting to know one another. It felt like he’d look out for her like a big brother.

Except Lacey did not like him like that. But after being told she’s gross and fat she never thought any one would feel the same. So, she kept it a secret she felt too ashamed.

She explained to him how the adults around her had put her on diets, said she was too big for snacks so they won’t buy them.

The poor girl was 8 and started puberty early. Women called her a pig and men were unruly.

Jack replied with tales of his woes. His father brought him round drunkards and made him put on shows.

There were women that danced with men through the night and one of them gave Jack an invite.

He sat on the chair and and watched the dance very close. There bodies would twist from their head to their toes.

He didn’t like the dance it looked too harsh. A man had the women in an angry grasp.

He hit her, strangled her pulled her hair, made poor little Jackson run away from the chair.

Then he was the one with tears down his face and Lacey was the one wiping away.

I listened on while they had a heart to heart. Then in comes Bradley ready to start.

“Oi look what I found, next to your father laying on the ground.”

He held up a white powder in a very small bag. For once Lacey hadn’t come across that.

“What is it Brad?” “You should know it YOUR dads!

Seriously though I know what to do, I seen my dad do it too.”

Bradley picked up 2 bits of wood from the wreck, then lined the white stuff in straight lines. “What the heck?

No Bradley I know what it is.” Jack began to panic. “Don’t you do it, it makes you mad all manic!”

How the hell did he know what this stuff did? Wise Old Jack of only 10 years.

“Come on guys. What ya scared?” Lace looked at Jack who had suddenly gone red.

“NO BRAD STOP IT! ITS OBVIOUSLY BAD.” “Couldn’t be that bad it belonged to your dad.”

“Seriously stop it!” Lacey begged. But silly Bradley didn’t listen to what anyone said.

As he snorted the powder, Jack swatted it away. “What the hell are you doing Bradley its not Ok!”

“AWW YOU’RE A SCARED LITTLE BITCH!” I could feel Lacey’s body she didn’t like this.

“Come on now lacey take a deep breath.” But all she could picture was Bradley’s death.

She lunged at him encasing his throat with her hands. “You think that you’re big that you’re some sort of man?

You torment and torture just like these men. I don’t want to deal with you ever again!”

Her hands grew tighter and Brad become blue. He collapsed on the floor. “Lace what did you do?”

She was gone I could tell by her eyes. She felt done in by the cheats and the lies.

Something else took over her body to shelter her from these people so shoddy.

“BRADLEY WAKE UP!” Jackson exclaimed! He slapped him and shook him again and again.

“Please wake up, you’re my best friend! PLEASE WAKE UP THIS CAN’T BE THE END?”

Lacey just stood there motionless and empty. I hugged her and squeezed her, so she could feel me.

Suddenly Bradley woke with a gasp, which in turn woke Lacey up real fast.

Anger enthralled him, a girl could not best him, he quick fire grabbed her by her left shin.

Dragged her down to the dangerous floor and punched her repeatedly into her jaw.

Blood was flying all over the place, I could hear myself screaming, “GET OFF MY LACE!”

The walls of the wreck started to shake all around. The building began crashing down to the ground.

“Quick guys we need to escape!” Jack took their hands to run away.

Debris was falling and causing obstructions. Brown and grey matter forming a dungeon.

Wood, glass and metal clipping at our skin as we run. We had to get out of there or we were done.

Faster and faster we hurried but we weren’t getting out of there and I started to worry.

A light shone through the collapsed mess keeping us prisoner. By the skin of our teeth we were out.
It just missed us.

“BOOMING and CRASHING” giving off an almighty noise. That’s the last time we play with a wreck like a toy.

Dusting ourselves of with a sigh of relief and gazed at our surroundings in pure disbelief.

We had just made that humongous mess! What the hell was in store for us next?

Dark Alley

I’m walking alone down a dark alley, and I can hear heavy breathing behind me. Yet when I turn to see who’s there, I’m met with the pavement empty and bare.

The wind is whirling and howling quite fiercely, pulling me stumbling down the path. I’m getting closer to the end of the alley when I hear a sinister laugh.

Again I check my surroundings but nothing and no one seems to be near. Concerned and noticeably anxious I’m feeling a presence but apart from the walls its unmistakably clear.

Picking up the pace in search for civilization the lights from the street go out one by one. The noises behind me increasing louder. My frantic walk becomes a run.

Clicking and clacking out of tune on the pavement something behind isn’t in sync. What ever it is its speeding through the shadows faster than I can possibly blink.

An invisible something has starting to chase me, I’m running so fast my heart skips a beat. I get to the end but instead of people I’m met with a puddle of blood at my feet.

I open my mouth to let out a revealing and blood curdling scream, but nothing comes out and suddenly I’m not alone on the street.

It let’s out an almighty swing across my chest and I collapse upon the ground. My blood bleeds into an other there’s more than just my body around.

Torsos and limbs interlocked like patchwork blankets the blood filled street. Some of them wailing and groaning others a shell of left over meat.

Fading slowing and nearly unconscious I feel the life force draining from me. As my eyes slowly flicker I glimpse at some rescue next to the tree.

Crawling along the heaps of skin, bone and flesh I try to get to them. Close enough to see now I realise that its foe not friend.

Too late now as it comes wielding axe in hand. Ready to sacrifice my bloodied corpse to this unholy land.


I feel a fire in the pit of my stomach, feels like a volcano ready to erupt.

So many things irk and frustrate me, causing me to be brash and abrupt.

My body brewing and violently shaking, a thirst for blood that grows inside.

The longing to release the beast in me, my body hungry for a fight.

The monster is aching to burst out. Causing chaos and treachery.

I move quiet and stealthy, until I’m ready. Watching you, I stand behind a tree.

Stalking your every move, my heart beats hastily. Pounding my fists into your body has become a fantasy.

I want to hear you scream for mercy, beg for your life and beg me to stop!

Burning with a murderous desire and you deserve to receive the lot.

Now that I’ve caught you and have you in my hands, I can carry out my plan.

A forceful strike a grizzly attack. Unleash my deadly sin. My WRATH!

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